The best of the visit of the cathedral of Segovia, Lady of the cathedrals


Segovia Cathedral

Do you know why to segovia cathedral It is known as the Lady of the cathedrals? It is due to its large dimensions and beauty.

Indeed, in Segovia you will find a huge cathedral building, whose real dimensions you will not be aware until you enter inside.

The segovia cathedral you find it in it Main Square this historic Castilian city, almost halfway to its other two great monuments, the Roman aqueduct and the imposing Alcazar.

Segovia cathedral organs

But surely you don't know that, in reality, this building is not the first cathedral that Segovia had.

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Segovia Cathedral History

In the twelfth century, in the space that now occupies the garden square that opens in front of the Alcazar, was the building of romantic style of what was then the St. Mary's Cathedral.

But a fire occurred in 1520 during the War of the Community, in which the building became the center of the battle given its proximity to the Alcazar, made it practically destroyed.

As a result, then King Carlos I He ordered a new cathedral to be built in a different place. And so it was done.

Segovia Cathedral

The current cathedral of Segovia It began to be built in 1525 and was not completed until the beginning of the 17th century, so it is considered as the last gothic cathedral.

What to see in the visit of Segovia Cathedral

But when you enter the great cathedral building through the San Frutos Gate dedicated to the patron of the city, is when you discover that by its volumes and luminosity it presents a renaissance aesthetic.

With 100 meters long and 50 meters wide, in your walk inside the cathedral of Segovia You will be surprised by its majesty, with the characteristic configuration of a Latin cross plan, three naves, twelve lateral chapels and seven other chapels in the ambulatory.

He altarpiece It is very sober, neoclassical, and the DomeRenaissance

I will tell you that some of the elements of the original Romanesque cathedral were once transferred to the new Gothic building.

Door of San Frutos in the cathedral of Segovia

Segovia Cathedral Choir

That is the case of choruswith his ashlar of 116 seats, as well as some seventeenth-century organs that still work.

He altarpiece altarpiece is from 1758, and was initially performed for the Riofrio's palace, near the city of Segovia.

Segovia Cathedral Stained Glass

Look at the stained glass windows, which are in a long process of restoration.

After being destroyed in the past, they were reassembled by bringing together the recovered glass; You can check this in most of them.

Stained glass windows in the Cathedral of Segovia

But since the beginning of 2010, thanks to the fact that drawings of the original designs have been preserved, the stained glass window Carlos Muñoz de Pablos is carrying out a restoration of the 157 stained glass windows of the cathedral.

It is a very slow and rigorous process whose results you will see in some windows already installed in its original location.

Chapel of the Conception in Segovia Cathedral

Among the numerous cathedral chapels, without a doubt, the Chapel of the Conception, where numerous paintings are shown, in what looks more like an exhibition hall.

Of them stands out The Tree of Life, Painted by Ignacio Ries In XVII century.

But among the pictorial works that are preserved in the segovia cathedral, you have to look at the painting of Esquivel which represents Carlos I in the monastery of Yuste.

Chapel of the Conception in the cathedral of Segovia

Segovia Cathedral Cloister

He cloister He also moved from the old cathedral, and his spectacular windows of flamboyant Gothic style will catch your attention.

Segovia Cathedral Chapter Hall

From the cloister you will arrive at a room of great sumptuousness, the Chapter Hall, where they emphasize its golden coffered ceiling of the 17th century, as well as the Flemish tapestries.

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Under the cathedral tower is a small Museum With various artistic objects.

This tower in its day was the tallest in Spain, but a fire destroyed it, and you will see that the current one is rebuilt.

Chapter Hall of the Cathedral of Segovia

Finally, be sure to see the imposing Corpus Christi float that you will find in front of the entrance to the Chapter Hall.

Segovia cathedral opening hours

The visiting hours of the cathedral of Segovia they are, from Monday to Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 9.30 p.m.

Segovia cathedral ticket prices

The ticket prices they are, adults, 3 euros; and for children under 14 and residents in Segovia, free.

Also on Sundays you can visit the cathedral of Segovia for free, from 9.30 to 10.30 hours, but the cloister and the museum are closed.

The price of the guided tour of the tower of the cathedral of Segovia It is 5 euros, with schedules at 10.30, 12, 13.30 and 16.30 hours, and 7 euros if you also visit the cathedral.

Photos cathedral Segovia

Here you have more photos of the gothic cathedral of Segovia, an essential visit on your getaway to this historic city near Madrid.