Tips with the best things to do during your visit to New York


Top of the Rock lookout terrace in New York

At the time of travel to U.S, a mandatory visit and that is possibly going to be our gateway to the country is the New York City.

In my case, I have traveled to New York on several occasions, and the truth is that it has always been as the first or last stage of a trip through other areas of U.S.

New York It is a city that when you visit it for the first time, it seems that you have known it for a lifetime, because there are so many images that we have of it in our minds thanks to the cinema, that stroll through New York It's almost remembering scenes.

Empire State from Top of the Rock lookout terrace in New York

New York It is so big, it has so many interesting corners and so much life (it is said that it is the city ​​that never sleeps), that from time to time deserves a visit, as I have been doing throughout my life.

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Tips for traveling to New York

Of course, if you go to travel to New York, before the trip you must take into account these tips.

ESTA form to travel to the United States

You must complete the so-called entry ESTA form, a security and immigration control requirement.

If you are Spanish, you should know that Spain is one of the few countries in the world whose citizens can travel to the United States without having to apply for a visa.

Brooklyn Bridge in New York

But if it is essential to complete this form, which is done online at least 72 hours before the date of your trip.

The cost is $ 14 and here you have access to the web to request the ESTA form.

Insurance to travel to the United States

Another aspect that is essential to keep in mind to travel to New York it is the essential need to have a good travel insurance with maximum coverage possible.

In the United States, health is extraordinarily expensive, so if for any incident you need medical attention, if you do not carry adequate travel insurance you must pay an exorbitant amount for medical care.

Skyscrapers One World Trade Center in New York

And I don't even tell you if you need to be hospitalized.

I tell you that for our trips we have the annual insurance of IATI insurance, company that offers various modalities that will adapt to your requirements.

And if you hire here you safe to travel to the United States, you will also have a 5 percent discount.

Currency exchange to travel to New York

Surely you know that the United States currency is the US dollar, so I'm sure you'll need exchange euros for dollars for your trip

Of course you can do it in it New York, at the airport, at the hotel or in banks, but in this way you run the risk of having an unfavorable change.

Corner of Fifth Avenue in New York


Are you organizing your trip to the United States? Don't go without hire your travel insurance first, and here we explain why. If you hire him with us, you have a 5% discount.

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You can request the change through its website and you will receive it in just 48 hours, with the security in addition to that in your stores you buy back the remaining coins with a preferential rate.

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How to visit New York

Once you've arrived in New York, it's not the same as your first trip to the city of skyscrapers, in which you will want to know even with some anxiety the main monument and corners of it.

Empire State Building skyscraper in New York

But if you have visited it several times before, it is possible that your intention is not to make a hurried visit, but more quiet trying to live the atmosphere of the city, and get to know New York in depth.

The best thing to visit and do in New York

If it's the first time you're going totravel to New York, you must be clear what is essential to visit and what are the best things to do during your stay.

It is a great city that on a first occasion well deserves one week visit, but it may happen that for lack of time you have to visit New York in 3 days complete, minimum essential time.

Panoramic views from the Empire State Terrace in New York

From my experience, below I will advise you what should be your essential visits in New York, which you can adapt perfectly to your stay of several days.

It is possible that when you travel to New York you will arrive on a flight from Europe first thing in the afternoon.

Although it will be early morning for your body, I advise you to make the effort not to go to bed until it is really time to go to bed in New York.

Book hotel for your trip on

Panoramic views from a skyscraper

What better way to start the visit by going to Empire State Building to climb this mythical skyscraper to enjoy the most famouspanoramic views of New York.

You will have time to enjoy the sunset views and during the night.

Top of the Rock lookout terrace in New York

Now, I will tell you that, from my point of view, it is more interesting climb to the Top of The Rock, viewpoint that is in the Rockefeller Center.

From this other skyscraper you also have panoramic views ... of the own Empire State Building, and is the ideal place to seeCentral park.

Here you can buy early tickets for avoid queues when climbing to Empire State Building or at Top of the Rock.

If you have finally gone up to Empire state, it is worth taking a walk through Time square and the theater and entertainment area of Broadway, to end up having dinner at one of its busy restaurants.

Statue of Liberty in New York

Cross by boat to the Statue of Liberty

For the next day I recommend you go directly to the south of Manhattan, to Battery park, to take the ferry that will take you to theIsland of freedom.

From this island you will not only have excellent views of skyline from Manhattan, but you will also be ablevisit the Statue of Liberty.

This same ferry tour will let you know the historic Ellis Island.


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You also have the alternative of making afree cruise on the Staten Island ferry, very popular among tourists, from where you will also have excellent views of Manhattan.

Skyscrapers One World Trade Center in New York

Upload to the new World Trade Center

When you return to Manhattan it is worth walking through this area, specifically Wall street, where the famous sculpture of the Wall Street bull.

You will be in the area where the new World trade center, ancientZero zone that delimited the remains of Twin Towers after its fall during the terrible terrorist attack that the city suffered.

Now you can go up to the One World Observatory which has opened between the 100th and 102nd floors of this skyscraper, with panoramic views of southern Manhattan.

I have this visit written down for my next trip to New York.

Central Park in New York

Sure that you will feel the absence of Twin Towers, but now, in addition to seeing the new great skyscraper, you can also visit the September 11 Memorial.

Of course, you must book in advance of your trip.

You can also approach the South Street Seaport Pier 17, where you have beautiful panoramic views of the Brooklyn bridge.

In this area, you can also spend time shopping.

Stroll through Central Park and Fifth Avenue

The next day, I propose to start the day visiting Central park. You can start at the place where the Strawberry Fields, the memorial to John Lennon.

Strolling through the interior of this large park, you reach the southern part, at its confluence with the Fifth Avenue.

In the very famous and cinematicFifth Avenue You could visitbrand stores, both luxury and entertainment, such as shops Disney, Apple Store or NBA.

Rockefeller Center in Manhattan in New York

Or visit the St. Patrick's Cathedral, wave Grand Central Station, or also go to Rockefeller Center.

Essential museums in New York

Although visiting a museum always requires time, and that will not be enough if you are going to have a short stay in New York, you may have special interest in seeing one.

I will tell you that, from my point of view must-see museums in New York are theMetropolitan, with its large sample of works of art from all erasand theMuseum of Natural History, with its amazing scenarios to show wildlife.

ç If you are passionate about contemporary art, you have another appointment with theMOMA, Museum of Modern Art, and if you're curious to see the spectacular collection of paintings the Spain's vision from Sorolla, you must go toMuseum of the Hispanic Society of America.

Spain's vision of Sorolla in Hispanic Society of New York

You can also visit one of the New York neighborhoods more charismatic, like that of Harlem.

Also if your trip coincides with a Sunday, you have the opportunity toattend a Gospel massin that neighborhood.

If you prefer to go with an organized group tour, here you can sign up for a Harlem tour with gospel.

A good option to get to know the neighborhoods of New York is to sign up for theexcursion New York contrasts, which will allow you to discover the “other”New York, including the amazing neighborhood of orthodox jews.

I will tell you that, in my opinion, it is not worth going to Chinatown; can let you down, especially if on your trip to the United States you will have the opportunity to visit the San Francisco Chinatown.

Times Square in New York

Of course, in your program you can include the enjoyment of any of the shows in Broadway, among which the main role is the musicals.

Here you can do the Online advance ticket purchase for Broadway.

And if on your trip to New York you prefer to dedicate time to go shopping at an outletYou definitely have an appointment at Woodbury common.

Tours and excursions in New York

In order to plan your trip, it may be useful to consult the many and variedtours you can do in New York.

One of the recommended options is the New York helicopter tour.

And if you intend to extend your stay in the United States and prefer to travel in an organized group, here is information about circuits from New York To do in two or three days.

Well, indeed, from New York it is advisable, above all, to make excursions to Washingtonat Niagara Falls or to the city of Boston.

Finally, for your visit to New York you also have to consider the option of acquiring a tourist card, as theNew York Pass, or the alternatives of theCity pass and the New York Explorer.

It is worth calculating the possible savings you would get with your purchase if you are going to visit several of the monuments and museums that are included in this tourist savings card.

You have passes for one, two or three days.

New York helicopter tour

Here you can do theNew York Pass purchase or, if you prefer, the City pass wave New York Explorer Pass.

And tosearch and book hotels in New York, although the average price is higher than in other cities, you will not have a problem finding one that suits your needs in the face of the great existing offer.

Curiosities of a visit from New York

But as I said, if you have already traveled to New York before, you may prefer to make a different type of visit.

That has been my intention in my most recent New York visittaking advantage that it was the final stage of atrip to Canada.

Entrance to the Top of the Rock lookout terrace in New York

I was looking for a quieter visit, without the urgencies of a tourist who tries to make the most of his time of stay to know how many more corners better.

In sum, I wanted to have a deeper insight into what this huge city is like.

In this regard, join the very interestingNew York Contrast Tour It has been a good idea.

As wellclimb to the viewpoint of the Top of the Rock and confirm that it is much more interesting thanclimb the empire state; or go back tostroll through Central Park, and thus learn more about this great urban park.

Or find out why theNatural Science Museum, a really amazing and interesting visit, or discover the enormoussorolla paintings at the headquarters of theHispanic Society of America.

Brooklyn neighborhood in New York

After three daysstrolling through New York, here you have the main sensations that aroused me, as well as some curiosities.

New York, the Fifth Element

I knew the city, I knew the whirlwind of people there and the great atmosphere that there is at all times in New York, but I have to admit that it has surprised me again.It is a real madness!

Between the skyscrapers and the neons of areas likeTime square, I had the feeling of being the protagonist ofThe fifth element, that science fiction movie made byLuc Besson in whichBruce Willis He was a taxi driver who “flew”Between skyscrapers.

It is not easy to get used to these large masses of people, to traffic, to noise, not only in the most central areas of Manhattan, but in many neighborhoods and in not-so-tourist areas.

Times Square in New York

From my point of view, it is not a city where I could feel like living.

New York, more multiracial

There is no doubt that New York is an increasingly multiracial city.

But during your visit the great variety of people you can see is surprising, and where Hispanics are increasingly more prominent.

I already have it clear, speak without problem in Spanish that your interlocutor may answer you in the same language, and almost certainly he will understand you.

Harlem corner in New York

This facilitates theNew York visit for Spaniards and Latin Americans They don't speak English very well.

Surely you can understand yourself in Spanish.

As details to highlight in this last trip, check that overwhelming percentage of black population in theneighborhood ofHarlem and discover thehallucinatory neighborhood of orthodox jews inBrooklyn.

Cops in New York

The presence of policemen in New York It's huge, there's almost no place where you don't see a patrol car or a couple of cops.

Policemen in Harlem in New York

And specifically in the most central street of Harlem, you can look anywhere you are sure to see one or two couples.

There is more of50,000 police officers in New York, which have great consideration (they charge a salary similar to that of firefighters) and maximum protection before the judges.

You see them with the gun in the holster and they tell you that they shoot very easily.

On the one hand it gives you a sense of security (they are forprotect you), but this feeling could change to helplessness if you have an unclear incident.

Eat in New York

You won't have a problem ineat to your liking in New York.

Harlem corner in New York

Of course you will not find restaurants with exquisite Spanish food, but I remind you that you are in the United States and not in Spain.

You have a huge variety of international food restaurants (Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Oriental ...), and, of course, American-style food, where large salads, hamburgers and ribs are protagonists.

You can eat sitting in a restaurant, or have a drinksandwich in a wide variety of establishments, or buy food cooked in aDeli To take her sitting in a park.

And, in addition, you will find establishments open almost at any time, including night time.

New York subway

New York subway

I already knew that get around the subway in New York it was not easy.

On this trip I have again verified that you need an adaptation period until you understand how it works, what tickets you are interested in buying, how to use the linesExpress, etc.

Good news if you travel in summer, as has been my case, is that on trains you have air conditioning; the bad one, that in the seasons and the long corridors it is unbearable heat.

Bus in New York


In this last trip in which I have alsovisited BostonThe great kindness of the Americans, of course, also of the New Yorkers, has attracted my attention.

If you are going to cross a street, just by approaching the road, there will surely be a car that stops many meters before and tells you that it gives way.

In Spain I recognize you I am not used to this.

If you need to ask someone for any questions you have, they will attend you with great kindness. And even if you're going to make a mistake, for example, when taking a bus, someone may warn you of the error.

In short, it's nice ...