The Big House and other corners of Hearst Castle in California


Big House at Hearst Castle in California

One of the great surprises that you can take in your trip along the west coast of the United States is undoubtedly the Hearst Castle.

What has now become a true theme park, in fact it is the huge set of mansions that in the early twentieth century William Randolph Hearst it was built in the California coast.

Whoever was the great tycoon of the sensational press in the United States called this enclave the “Ranch of the Enchanted Slope”.

Neptune temple pool at Hearst Castle in California

Although it may seem like an extravagant corner, I assure you it is worth doing a stage in your route along the californian coast and tour the so-called castle.

Located near San Simon, between San Francisco and The Angels, I anticipate that Hearst Castle visit that you will surely like, although you have to take into account that due to its special characteristics it can take you up to four hours.

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What to see in Hearst Castle

As an advance, below I advance what are you going to see at Hearst Castle, whose dimensions will serve you the fact that in the four residential buildings there are 56 rooms and 19 rooms.

Big House at Hearst Castle in California

Hearst Castle Big House

To build the entire complex of buildings that make up what was the residence of the aforementioned magnate, he hired the famous architect of the time Julia Morgan.

The involvement in the works was so great on the part of Hearst, which led to continuous modifications and resulted in the characteristic mix of architectural styles that makes him a museum of extravagance.

Of course, with invaluable examples of European historical art, its best sample is the so-called Big house, the largest building of the ranch.

The first surprising thing about this building is its two tall towers that are totally inspired by the Cathedral of Sevilla. The facade of the Big house It is a clear example of architectural diversity.

Big House at Hearst Castle in California

But on your visit you will be surprised to access the building interior.

In front of a Spanish-style exterior, with the white color of Andalusia, framed in a garden that could well be Mediterranean, when entering the Big house you will find yourself in a ornate decoration typical of a medieval english castle.

The great main hall shows us next to the wall a stalls of a choir of a Gothic cathedral, and in the center of it, a huge stone fireplace.

This medieval decoration is reinforced as you walk through the different rooms, such as the Pool's room or, above all, the Big dining room.

Big House at Hearst Castle in California


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This is configured with a long table, decorated with the dishes of the time, suitable for dozens of diners, located in a nave of high ceilings decorated in medieval-style wood, and in which the medieval flags are not lacking.

Guest houses in Hearst Castle

Another highlight of your visit will be the three houses that Hearst He built for the residence of his guests at the ranch.

Casa del Monte at Hearst Castle in California

Among them, the House of the Sea, building that oriented towards the Pacific Ocean, allowed tycoon guests to enjoy incredible views.

It has an area of ​​1,800 square meters in which there are six bedrooms with their corresponding dressing rooms and toilets. Various parts of the building show a style inspired by the Alhambra of Granada.

Another of the buildings is called Casa del Monte.

Casa del Mar at Hearst Castle in California

Hearst castle pools

Apart from the aforementioned Big house, without a doubt in the visit of the castle Hearst they will not leave you indifferent their spectacular pools.

The exterior is known as Neptune Temple, an impressive pool that emulates a classic temple, with its colonnades, under reliefs and sculptures, all built with white marble.

This pool was built in 1924, but it was rebuilt twice, the last one in 1936.

Neptune temple pool at Hearst Castle in California

Its location on top of the hill, at the foot of the garden with the splendid views of the peacefulundoubtedly make it one of the jewels of the castle Hearst.

You will also be struck by the impressive indoor pool called Roman Pool, with its style similar to bathrooms hot springs of Caracalla.

Its mosaics are inspired by the originals of the 5th century of Mausoleum of Gala Placidia, from the Italian city of Ravenna, and the statues are copies of ancient Greek and Roman statues.

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The first pool will be the first stage of your ranch visit, while the indoor pool will be the last stage before taking the bus back to the Visitors Center.

Roman indoor pool at Hearst Castle in California

Finally, to complete your information, I advise you to read these Tips for visiting Hearst Castle.

Photos Hearst Castle

Here you have more Photos of Hearst Castle in California.