Tips for visiting Arches, the Rocky Arches National Park in Utah


Delicate Arch in Arches National Park in the western United States

One of the most curious national parks you can see on your trip through the west coast of the United Statesis undoubtedly theArches National park.

It cannot be considered as a essential when planning your route along the west coast, but in it you will find really curious rock formations, in addition to hiking trails and being able to visit them.

If finally on your trip through the state of Utah do you think include the Arches visit, I will tell you that you must access through the south of this national park, along route 121, very close to Moab.

Landscape Arch in Arches National Park

The main feature of this national park is its numerous natural rocky arches of large dimensions that can be seen throughout the park.

You find it 264 kilometers north of Monument Valley and almost 400 kilometers south of Salt lake city, the capital of Utah.

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Natural rocky arches

Arches is somewhat displaced from the set of national parks that most interest among those who travel to the United States, such as the Grand Canyon, the Monument Valley, or Bryce Canyon.

But for those who know the Arches National Park (for now I have not had occasion to visit it) it is one of the most spectacular.

Arches National Park in the western United States

This park is located at a height of between 1200 and 1700 meters, and currently retains some 2,000 natural rocky arches, although due to the erosion effect the arches can be falling or disintegrating.

That has happened with more than 40 arches since 1970.

In addition to the arches, in this park you can see different and curious rock formations and very striking landscapes, such as large rocks balanced on top of rocky pinnacles or large rocky walls.

Your visit will mean taking a tour of the park seeing various rocky arches.

Balanced Rock in Arches National Park in Utah

What to see in Arches Park

If you only have a few on your tourist day three hours for the visit, what is advised is that you go directly to the area known as The windows, where you can see the natural arch known as Double arch.

You will need half an hour to walk to this arch.

On the way to The windows, as soon as you enter the national park, you will pass through the large rock wall called Park avenue, and also by Courthouse Towers, a promontory with rocky needles that emulate towers.

A little later you will find Balanced Rock, a curious rock pinnacle on which a large rock is placed in balance.

The Windows in Arches National Park in Utah


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Delicate Arch

After visiting The windows, you will have to go a little further north, until Wolfe Ranch. A small house used by the original settlers.

There you will find a viewpoint known as Delicate Arch Viewpoint from which you can see the natural arch which has become the great icon of Arches National Park, the so-called Delicate Arch.

If you want to see it closely, you have to travel a road of 2.4 kilometers, which will take between half an hour and three quarters of an hour, and the same way back.

Throughout the road you can never see the arch, which can only be seen at the end of the route.

Double Arch in Arches National Park in Utah

If instead you have plenty of time to visit arches, then you can go further north towards the areas of Fiery Furnace (Where is he Visitors Center) and Devils Garden, where you will find several groups of natural arches.

Landscape Arch

The most prominent of these arches of Devils Garden, north of the park, is the Landscape Arch, which is considered as the longest rocky natural arch in the world.

Of course, to see it you have to make a new excursion that can take us up to two hours.

Rocky walls in Arches National Park in Utah

The Landscape Arch has a gap of 88 meters, so this arch is slightly longer than the Kolob Arch of Zion National Park

Visit Arches Park

Access to the park is open 24 hours a day, and the Ticket price to visit Arches It is $ 25, and includes a car and its occupants.

If on your trip along the west coast of the United States you are going to visit several national parks, you can consider the option of acquiring the Annual Pass

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This is a tourist pass with annual validity that for $ 80 for a vehicle and four passengers allows you to access the vast majority of the mentioned parks.

You may find this useful official map of the Arches national park.

Distances to Arches National Park

from Las Vegas to Arches National Park, 750 kilometers, 7 hours

from Salt Lake City to Arches National Park, 389 kilometers, 4 and a half hours

from the Grand Canyon to Arches National Park, 545 kilometers, 6 and a half hours

from Monument Valley to Arches National Park, 234 kilometers, 3 hours and a quarter

How to get to Arches Park

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